Different types of fishing you can do today

Fun Fishing: Different types of fishing you can do today

Fishing is the process of getting a fish out of the water through the use of a fishing rod and a hook attached at the end of the line. This can take a long time to master and you need a lot of patience when you are near the water. All the hassle will be worth it when you finally get the first catch of your life and this will motivate you to do it again.

The fun thing about fishing is that it has different types, and you can do it at different locations. Here are the following types of fishing you can do:

Freshwater fishing

Freshwater fishing requires you to travel to the woods and find a clear lake and rivers. These bodies of water contain a salinity level of 1.05%, and they are shallower compared to saltwater fishing. As such, you can easily catch small fish when you place your base by the shore! Though if you want to bag bigger fish, it is best to fish at the centre of the water.

Saltwater fishing

On the other hand, saltwater fishing is done in the ocean. Here, there are a lot of species you can catch, but it takes time and patience to snag a tuna, marlin or salmon. Aside from that, saltwater fishing usually requires you to travel far because most fish prefer to swim in undisturbed waters. Additionally, you can either bulk fish using a net or single fishing with a rod.

Ice fishing

This is common in frigid countries or lakes that froze during winter. Several fishes would carefully traverse the icy surface and reach the centre of the lake, for example. Once they find a place, they will begin to cut a hole that is large enough for the fish to pass through upon reeling. 

Paddleboard fishing

If you want a challenge, then you should try paddleboard fishing! To do this, you need to be in still waters because you need to balance yourself on top of a paddleboard. As a fish gets hooked, you need to find the perfect balance to reel the fish onto your grasps. Otherwise, you will topple over and lose the fish you caught.

Fly fishing

Another challenge you can take is fly fishing, which is an angling method that fishers use. A long rod is used and attached to it is a lightweight lure. Aside from that, you can usually do fly fishing in freshwater basins because there are fish that stay in the area.

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