The biggest fish catches in fishing history

Fun Fishing: The biggest fish catches in fishing history

Some people are born lucky to be destined to make history in the world of fishing by catching a humongous fish in the waters. It makes you even think about how they can do such a thing and what were the materials they used to make it possible. To give you an idea, here are the biggest fishes caught in history and a little background information about the people responsible for it:

The Great White Shark of 1959

In 1959, Alfred Dean successfully caught a great white shark by using only a rod and reel. The fish weighed around 1,208 kilograms and Dean was able to reel it in after 70 minutes of waiting by the railings of his boat. Aside from that, Dean is an experienced shark fisher because he has caught 7 sharks in the past.

Mekong River Catfish

In Thailand, the native fishers were out fishing one morning, when suddenly, a heavy fish got caught off their hooks. As they reeled it in, the fish was the largest catfish residing in the Mekong River which has a length of 2.7 metres and weighs 293 kilograms.

The officials of Thailand’s Fishery Department decided to add a performance-enhancing drug to stimulate the pituitary gland with the hopes of repopulation. However, the fish died in a matter of a few days and was eaten by the villagers.

Tiger Shark

Australia seems to be the place where most sharks reside because the second biggest catch is a tiger shark. In 2004, Kevin James Clapson was waiting for a catch in the saltwater of Ulladulla. After hours of constant battle, the tiger shark was successfully reeled into the boat for recording. Based on the records, the catch weighed around 810 kilograms!

Black Marlin

A famous angler known as Alfred C. Glassell Jr. travelled the world with the purpose of catching a large fish. His largest and most bony catch is the Black Marlin residing in Cabo Blanco, Peru. The unfathomable thing about this is that Glassell only used a rod, a mackerel bait and a line to catch this water giant! It makes you wonder how people like him can have the strength to reel in something that weighs about 707 kilograms.

Greenland Shark

Terje Nordvedt caught a Greenland shark weighing around 775 kilograms during the 80s. The angler was coasting in the Trondheim fjord and used a herring as the bait while fishing. Aside from this, the Greenland shark is something that does not usually swim across the pelagic zone of the waters. This means that Nordvedt was lucky to be at the right time and at the correct place!

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